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NovaNet is based on folding scheme. This is modern ZKP with optimal space efficiency.

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Read the developer documents and start using zero-knowledge proof for your use case.

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NovaNet creates incentives for local and specialized proving on many device.

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We are working closely with partners that have zero-knowledge proof use-case such as privacy preserving games (zkGames) and more general verifiable compute. If you are thinking about using ZKP in your project please reach out! We love to discus and share the latest on ZK.

Is there a learning curve?

Generally if your program can be compiled into WASM, it should run out of the box in NovaNet. Specialized opcodes and parallelization allow for drastic speedups in proving times.

What zkVM does NovaNet use?

For now, we have an aggregation layer that is WASM based and is custom designed from our work on the SuperNova proving scheme. However, we plan on making many proving scheme and zkVM available to the NovaNet incentive network layer.

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