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Use Cases

NovaNet enables anyone to use fast, memory-efficient ZKPs across a wide range of use cases.


NovaNet delivers on the promise of ZKPs: enhanced privacy, security, performance, and interoperability across web3. Without undermining the core benefit of decentralization, NovaNet improves the functioning of a wide range of of modular blockchains, applications such as real-world assets and DeFi exchanges, and cross-chain messaging and other protocols. 


NovaNet's decentralized ZKPs (DeZKP) are a perfect fit for DePIN. NovaNet enables DePINs to run proofs embedded in infrastructure devices to verify services without relying on middleware providers. DePINs can also keep data private and maintain network decentralization. Any infrastructure provider can join the NovaNet network to earn rewards for generating proofs.


Gaming suffers from problems such as exposing player data, cheating, and verifying decentralized asset ownership. NovaNet ZKPs enable gamers to play without exposing their identities by verifying with proofs rather than personal data. NovaNet ZKPs can also verify that no player has an unfair advantage and enable private strategies to be used on chain (e.g., fog of war). ZKPs connect to cryptocurrency systems to secure payments and ownership of game assets. Learn More

Verifiable AI

NovaNet helps to ensure that AI systems are secure, compliant, and privacy preserving by generating proofs that verify AI qualities. ZKPs can be used to prevent third party GPU or service providers from viewing confidential model or training data, verify properties and compliance about AI systems while maintaining model and data privacy, and enable training AI on proofs instead of exposed data.

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Gradient Shape - NovaNet
Gradient Shape - NovaNet
Gradient Shape - NovaNet