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Tracing the Milestones

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Q1 Working With parthers - NovaNet

2023~ Working with partners buildng the base.

The NovaNet team has worked with the open-sourced 'folding implementors community' to create modern IVC (incremental verifiable computation) based proving scheme. These scheme are fast, modern, and highly portable.

Q2 Testnet Launch - NovaNet

Q2 - Testnet Launch

The full testnet launch is targeted
for Q2 2024. This wil be done hand-in-hand
with our partners. Testnet will allow us to balance supply and demand, and test scaling of our p2p proving and incentive technologies.

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Q3 Battle Testing And Security - NovaNet

Q3 - Battle testing and security checks

Everything will need to be audited, double checked and optimized. We plan on open-sourcing most of the code associated with NovaNet at this stage.

Q4 Main Net - NovaNet

Q4 to Early 2025 - Main net V1

The launch of Version 1 of NovaNet will usher in
an incentives network for zero-knowledge proofs which run everywhere. ZKP is not just for scaling ETH! This technology will fundamentally change how we do privacy and verifiable computation at scale.

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