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NovaNet Raises $3M to Build the ZKP Incentive Layer Led by Finality Capital. Read more.


The Incentive Layer For  Verifiable Computation At Scale

Zero knowledge proofs redefine how we interact online to enable scalability, privacy, and verifiable computation. NovaNet is the only modular ZKP incentive network that brings fast, privacy-preserving proofs to browsers, consumer devices, and across blockchains.

Universe Image - Novanet
Circle Floating - NovaNet
Circle Floating - NovaNet
Circle Floating - NovaNet
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Build where you want to.

It does not matter if you want your verifier to work on ETH, SOL, AVAX, or even a web2 server, NovaNet aims for minimal verifier lock in.

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Wasm Base - NovaNet
Icon Wasm Base - NovaNet

WASM base

WASM is widely adopted and extremely portable. It even works in browsers! Any WASM executable can be traced and proved in NovaNet.

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Folding schemes allow for maximum space efficiency.

How do we get zero-knowledge proofs to run everywhere? NovaNet is an IVC based incentive and peer-to-peer aggregation layer for various ZKP schemes and zkVMs.

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Gradient Shape - NovaNet
Gradient Shape - NovaNet
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NovaNet's decentralized proving protocol optimizes for prover cooperation.

Proof racing causes a loss in efficiency, prevents privacy, and destroys the possibility of parallelization. NovaNet uses game theoretic prover cooperation to do decentralized proving differently.

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Lower cost, better privacy.

Prover racing is inferior to game theoretic prover cooperation. Moreover, privacy preserving applications run locally and only pay a fee for aggregation. Space efficient prover technology allows for the previously unthinkable.

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Faster and more portable.

Parallel proving allows for big problems to get solved fast. Incremental verifiable computation via folding allows for even constrained devices to join the network and earn. Modularity is the key to better performance.

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Ever evolving and highly adaptable

Specialized, hardware advanced, and new proving scheme can become opcodes in the modular NovaNet zkFramework. These specialized provers can upgrade the network and earn a premium for their work. NovaNet is the most adaptable prover network to date.